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天然精油無火香薰 – 玫瑰與天竺葵(寵物友善)


波旁天竺葵(Bourbon Geranium)

大馬士革玫瑰(Demascena Rose)

白玫瑰(Rosa Alba)


容量: 100ml + 10支奶油色纖維棒
擴香時間: >~2個月




Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser – Rose and Geranium(Pet-Friendly)

Scent: Bourbon Geranium/Demascena Rose/White Rose

Bourbon Geranium
Different from Rose Geranium, has a more fresh and gentle aroma, with a hint of grassy scent.

Demascena Rose
Harvested in autumn, has a delicate and sweet fragrance, with a mild composition that does not contain harmful phenols, aldehydes, or ketones to animals.

White Rose(Rosa Alba)
The queen of roses, is more valuable and effective than Demascena Rose. The product contains a trace amount of White Rose essential oil, which has a delicate and pure floral scent with natural layers. Its complex composition is even more superior to that of Demascena Rose, making it emit a natural and multilayered aroma. Similar to Demascena Rose, White Rose is also relatively gentle to humans and animals.

*Although Rose essential oil is suitable for pets, not all types of roses are suitable.

Diffuser Information:
Content: 100ml + 10 beige colour fibre sticks
Diffusion time: >~2 months
Shelf life: 2-3 years
Aromatherapy Benefits:
Soothes emotions, uplifts mood, promotes sleep, relieves nervous tension and stress.
Before first use, soak the diffuser stick in the fragrance diffuser until the essential oil permeates 3/4 of the stick, then flip the stick. Thereafter, flip the stick every 1-2 weeks depending on the diffusion needs.

▫️Plant-based natural essential oils
▫️No animal testing
▫️No coloring/dye
▫️Glass prevents sunlight from affecting the essential oil and extends the shelf life.
▫️Fiber sticks enhance the diffusion capacity and stability of the essential oil.

▫️Uses natural plant-based essential oils
▫️Ingredients are strictly selected
▫️Uses essential oils and raw materials that are safe for pets (e.g. rose/lavender/orange blossom/cypress/chamomile/geranium/frankincense, etc.)
▫️Specially formulated essential oil concentration and ratio
▫️Using deionized water as the base for aromatherapy; minimizing the stimulating effects of alcohol on pets’ sense of smell.

▫️The cup is hand-printed and manufactured and may have slight hand-made defects. Please purchase with caution. The picture is for reference only.
▫️The product contains natural ingredients. Sedimentation/discoloration is normal.
▫️Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
▫️The product is not for consumption and should be kept out of reach of children to avoid potential hazards.
▫️Pregnant women/epileptics/fava bean patients should consult a professional physician before use.
▫️Pet-friendly does not mean that pets will like the scent. Do not use on pets.
▫️Please ensure that pets stay away from flames and adjust the amount according to their reactions.
▫️Avoid using scented products on puppies under 12 weeks old.
▫️If any discomfort occurs, please stop using and seek medical attention as soon as possible.


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