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天然精油香薰蠟燭 – 橙花與玫瑰(寵物友善)



大馬士革玫瑰(Demascena Rose)

容量: 230g
燃燒時間: ~28-35小時





Essential Oil Aromatherapy Candle – Orange Blossom and Rose (Pet-Friendly)

Scent: Sweet Orange Blossom/Damascena Rose
(This scent is absolutely irresistible and is the best-selling fragrance in the Aromatherapy series.)

Sweet Orange Blossom (Neroli)
The aroma of sweet orange blossom essential oil is mild, with a slightly sweet floral scent and a hint of citrus, and has better psychological healing effects than bitter orange blossom essential oil.

Damascena Rose
The oil extracted from the Damascena Rose, which is picked in autumn, has a delicate, sweet and fresh scent. The components of the petals are relatively gentle, free of harmful phenols, aldehydes, and ketones that are harmful to animals.

*Although Rose essential oil is suitable for pets, not all types of roses are suitable, such as French Rose or Chiba Rose.

Candle Information:
Capacity: 230g
Burn Time: ~28-35hours
Shelf Life: 2-3 years
Aromatherapy Benefits:
Soothing emotions, uplifting mood, promoting sleep, relieving nervous tension and stress.
Wooden/Cotton Wick:
Wooden wick produces a soothing “crackling” sound while burning, which is great for those who enjoy the sound of fire. The wooden wick is beautiful, but the flame will be larger and the candle will burn faster. On the other hand, the cotton wick produces a more stable flame and is more economical as it saves the evaporation of essential oils.

▫️Made with 100% natural soy wax from US, bee wax and pure cotton/wooden wick
▫️Extracted from plant-based natural essential oils
▫️No animal testing
▫️No coloring/dye
▫️Handmade candle cup and engraving

Pet Friendly:
▫️Uses natural plant-based essential oils
▫️Ingredients are strictly selected
▫️Uses essential oils and raw materials safe for pets (e.g. rose/lavender/orange blossom/cedarwood/chamomile/geranium/frankincense, etc.)
▫️Specially blended essential oil concentration and ratio

▫️The cup may have slight handmade defects, please consider carefully before purchasing, and the pictures are for reference only.
▫️The product contains natural ingredients, and sediment/discoloration is normal.
▫️Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
▫️The product is not edible, keep out of reach of children to avoid danger.
▫️Pregnant/epileptic/fava bean patients should consult a professional doctor before use.
▫️Pet friendly does not mean that pets will like the scent. Do not use on pets’ bodies.
▫️Make sure pets are away from flames and adjust the amount used according to their reactions.
▫️Avoid using fragrance products on puppies under 12 weeks old.
▫️If pets have any discomfort, stop using and seek medical attention immediately.



Cotton, Wood

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