ONCE AGAIN 01 – Pheromone Perfume


The combination of the invigorating essence of fresh flowers with the delicate allure of Tuberose. Strolling through each unveiling a crisp and refreshing bouquet of scents. The harmonious fusion of floral fragrances orchestrates a symphony that awakens the spirit of blossoming, like the vibrant arrival of spring.

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Product Description

ONCE AGAIN 01 – Pheromone Perfume

Top Notes: Hyacinth/Violet/Lily of the Valley
Middle Notes: Gardenia/Orchid/Coconut
Base Notes: Benzoin/Tuberose/Musk

Pheromone Perfume Information:
Scent: Floral
Fragrance: Tender and Gentle
Longevity: 3-5 hours
Sweetness: ●●○○○
Occasion: Business /Formal Dinner/Wine Party/Music Concert
Main Ingredients: Alcohol/Purified Water/Fragrance Oils/Androstenol/Androsterone

ASTRID Pheromone perfume
▫️Contains certified pheromone solution from Human Pheromone Science Inc.
▫️Artisan-crafted premium pheromone perfume

What are pheromones?
Pheromones are natural signals produced by the body, also known as pheromones, which enhance the interest of people nearby. This signal not only identifies your identity, but also enhances your popularity/attracts both sexes.

The concentration of pheromones (pheromones) produced by each person’s body each time is different, and pheromones that are too weak are not enough to attract others to interact with you. If you want to increase your own pheromone concentration, using pheromone perfume is the most direct and convenient choice.

Although pheromones have a certain degree of help, it is not a kind of aphrodisiac that will immediately stimulate sexual desire after use. We are only using science to help everyone gain more positive feelings between people.

▫️Please keep away from fire and store in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct sunlight.
▫️The product is not for consumption and should be kept out of reach of children to prevent potential hazards.



15ml, 50ml


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