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*VALENTINE的原料都偏淡味;因此香水味道會比較平穩,不會太過突出。舉手投足時會持續地散發出微微的香氣,較適合辦公室/上學/日常使用,就算在狹小的空間往死裡噴也不會把隔離位燻暈( ˚ཫ˚ )。




前調:莎當妮白酒 白百合 荷花
中調:小蒼蘭 牡丹
後調:蜂蜜 白麝香

▫️內含Human Pheromone Science Inc.認證費洛蒙原液







Scent: The scent of a slightly acidic white wine blends with the delicate fragrance of white lilies, giving off a rich and floral aroma. After 10 minutes, the fresh and refined floral scent becomes more subdued, complemented by the lingering aroma of white wine, making the fragrance more gentle and elegant. Finally, the fragrance ends with a subtle and clean base note, giving a feeling of hesitation and restraint. The perfume is like soaking in a bubble bath of white flowers, making it perfect for those who love bubble baths, body powder, and baby powder scents.

*This perfume is different from those that use dihydromyrcenol alcohol as it contains white wine. Therefore, the perfume must undergo aging and soaking.

*VALENTINE’s ingredients are relatively mild, so the fragrance is more stable and not too overpowering. The scent will continue to diffuse subtly when you move around, making it suitable for office, school, and daily use. Even if you spray it heavily in a small space, it will not cause discomfort ( ˚ཫ˚ ).

*VALENTINE is really fragrant and attractive, but the only downside is that the longevity is relatively short, around 2-3 hours in summer and 3-4 hours in winter. (We will not change the perfume ingredients to extend the longevity, this is the unique feature of VALENTINE perfume.)

Perfume Information:
Scent: White Floral + Fruity
Fragrance: Musky
Perfume Longevity: 2-4 hours
Sweetness: 7/10
Main Ingredients: Alcohol/Purified Water/Fragrance Oils/Androstenol/Androsterone

Top notes: Chardonnay, White Lily, Lotus
Middle notes: Osmanthus, Peony
Base notes: Honey, White Musk

ASTRID Pheromone perfume
Contains certified pheromone solution from Human Pheromone Science Inc.
Handcrafted perfume

What are pheromones?
Pheromones are natural signals produced by the body, also known as pheromones, which enhance the interest of people nearby in you. This signal not only identifies your identity, but also enhances your popularity/attracts both sexes.

The concentration of pheromones (pheromones) produced by each person’s body each time is different, and pheromones that are too weak are not enough to attract others to interact with you. If you want to increase your own pheromone concentration, using pheromone perfume is the most direct and convenient choice.

Although pheromones have a certain degree of help, it is not a kind of aphrodisiac that will immediately stimulate sexual desire after use. We are only using science to help everyone gain more positive feelings between people.

▫️Please keep away from fire and store in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct sunlight.
▫️The product is not for consumption and should be kept out of reach of children to prevent potential hazards.



15ml, 50ml


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