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故事:一片廣闊療癒的草地,伴隨清新爽朗的空氣帶你走進桉樹的長廊。放下所有的壓力,享受屬於自己的時間,找尋心靈中的片刻寧靜。香氣中沒有帶半點花果的氣息;只有薄薄的木香和療癒的空氣感,一片屬於大自然才會有的氣息。Me time時使用最好不過。

容量: 230g
燃燒時間: ~28-35小時




Scent: Eucalyptus/Mint/Sea Salt

Story: Imagine a vast healing grassland, accompanied by fresh and crisp air leading you into the eucalyptus corridor. Set aside all the pressure, enjoy your own time, and find a moment of peace in your heart. The aroma does not have any fruity or floral notes, only a subtle woody scent and a healing air, a scent that can only be found in nature. It is perfect for your “Me Time.”

Candle Information:
Capacity: 230g
Burn time: ~28-35 hours
Wick: Wooden wick or cotton wick. The wooden wick creates a soothing “crackling” sound when burning. While it is beautiful, the flame may be larger and the candle may burn faster. The cotton wick has a more stable flame and is more economical in terms of essential oil evaporation.

▫️100% natural soy wax from the US, Bee wax and pure cotton/wood wick
▫️Aromatherapy essential oils imported from the US, compliant with IFRA standards
▫️No animal testing
▫️No coloring agents/dyes
▫️Handcrafted candle body and engraving

▫️The candle body is handmade and may have minor imperfections. Please consider carefully before purchasing. The pictures are for reference only.
▫️Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
▫️The product is not for consumption and should be kept out of reach of children to avoid potential hazards.
▫️Pregnant women, epilepsy patients, and individuals with G6PD deficiency should consult a professional physician before use.
▫️If any discomfort occurs, please stop using and seek medical attention as soon as possible.


Dimensions N/A

Cotton, Wood


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